Accommodation in the heart of the Krušné hory - the whole house for up to 10 people, 3 separate bedrooms and other shared rooms.

The whole house is always rented

Great for families 

Pernink is the place known primarily as a center of winter and summer sports.

There are several larger and smaller ski resorts and a cross-country ski area. Hiking and cycling trails are available for nature and hiking lovers. In the village there are several restaurants, shops, post office, gas station and information center, bicycle and e-bike rental office.

Ski resorts nearby

Ski area Velflink - 300 m                                Ski area Pod Nádražím - 900 m                                 Ski area Plešivec - 3 km
Ski area Merklín - 6 km                                  Ski area Potůčky - 8 km                                               Ski area Klínovec - 15 km

Pavel Langr, IČ 61050784
Všechna práva vyhrazena 2023
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